After graduating as TV-Journalist (Master Degree) in 2009, I decided to follow my passion and start a career in Video Production and Motion Design. Learning the basics as a Freelance Videographer and Editor in Magdeburg, I was able to  land a permanent Motion Design position at Triad Berlin in 2010. After one intense year of full time agency work I went back to Freelance, this time serving the Berlin advertisement market.
In 2018 I had the opportunity to work in house again - as a Lead Motion Designer for a German Software Company. 2022 is the year of change - I started to enter the UX Industry. First milestone on this journey - I finished to UX Design Program at the online school CareerFourndy.
UX Skills
UX Design for me is a craft and a mindset. Mindset, because a great User Experience always begins with the definition of the problem. This means not to jump straight into solution mode, like building wireframes and prototypes. You won’t find the root of the problem with your stakeholders in the meeting room. Instead, you will reveal them in direct interaction with your users. This is my approach to every project: interact with the Users. Often, early and constantly.
My Key Skills Include:
  - User Research (qualitative and quantitative)
  - Information Architecture (User Flows, Sitemaps, you name it)
  - Wireframing and Prototyping
  - UI Design
  - Motion Design
  - Figma, Adobe Creative Cloud, Cinema 4D

I’m ready to make an impact in your innovative team and help to make your product more usable and desirable! You can message me here or send an email to info@oliverheyer.de.
Manuel Gattinger
Head of Design (Germany) | STar

Oliver offers something rare - he has a genuine interest and love for his subject area that he lives and breathes, coupled with infectious enthusiasm and dedication to the task.

We had the opportunity to collaborate with Oliver on a complex User-Experience and UI-Design project over the course of several weeks - rarely did we have the chance to work with an external team member who had the professionalism, progressive thinking, and efficiency which Oliver showed from day 1 of our cooperation.

He is a highly talented motion designer who expands his expertise across disciplines - I really hope that I will have the pleasure to work with Oliver many times in the future.
Roman Dudarev
product marketing manager | Magix software

Working with Oliver is a pleasure and his input substantially raised the quality of the projects in which we worked together. As a result of his creativity, commitment and a comprehensive knowledge of his field, there's no question he is the most talented motion designer and a great team leader. 
He has enough experience and knowledge of the software & media industry to handle any kind of project. With his great enthusiasm, endless creativity and a strong reliability he would be a great asset to any company.
Manuel Krueger
UX Designer & Researcher | freelance

I had the pleasure of meeting Oliver during our UX- Design Bootcamp at CareerFoundry. Oliver's strengths lie clearly in his communication and organisational skills. He brought all expertise of a UX Designer to the table, he asked the right questions to solve problems and ideated solutions for unforeseen obstacles that appeared during the course. 
Oliver has a very good mindset on the design thinking part of UX and I would recommend him to any company that aims for the same high standards as he did during the course.
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